19 Nov 2010

Couldn't sleep, must doodle

Quick sketch of Namora and some (rather poor) butterflyfish.

18 Nov 2010

It's been a while

I'd started this a couple of months ago, and put it aside to work on my Kalina tribute when she died. I've worked on it on and off since then, but finally pushed ahead to get it finished today because I'm eager to use acrylics again and didn't want to leave this sitting around unfinished!

In 2008 I spent some time observing Tilikum and little Trua at SeaWorld Orlando and was lucky enough to get photos of them playing, so I'd been meaning to do a picture like this for a while.

I have an etsy shop, by the way! I'll be making this one available ASAP. So far all of my prints are small, but larger ones will be up there very soon. Thanks for taking a look!

5 Nov 2010

J is for Jessica Jones

I keep going back and forth on whether or not I prefer the sketch or the coloured version, so here's both.
I like Jessica a lot, but hot damn does she need a new costume if she ever gets back into the spandex. White all over! Unsupported boobs! Horrifyingly impractical! I should stop trying to apply logic to superhero costumes!

I is for Iron Fist

Danny Rand is among the characters I like best. He's just totally awesome.

4 Nov 2010

H is for Hawkeye (the other one)

Well, I really like purple. I also like too many characters that begin with the letter H, but I recently found a horrifyingly bad drawing I'd done of Kate Bishop a few years ago, so I felt like making up for it. She rules.