18 Feb 2011


I've finally gone back to an acrylic painting I started in November. Yes... November. Thankfully, my Stay-Wet Palette is so awesome that it kept my paints moist that entire time. Science!

9 Feb 2011

Delphinapterus leucas

I was at the aquarium several months ago, taking photos of the belugas, when the very small child in the stroller next to me pointed frantically and blurted out "Aboogas!" It was one of the cutest things I had ever heard in my life, so occasionally "aboogas" slips out when I talk about them. They're among my favourite cetaceans (who am I kidding? They're all my favourites somehow), and it had been a long time since I'd drawn any.

Some new prints were added to etsy today! The manta rays, zebra shark, and bottlenose dolphins are now available. Each purchase of a shark print from my store will have 20% donated to the Shark Trust - only the zebra shark is printed at the moment, but more are coming!