24 Apr 2010

Namora sketch

Boy what an imaginative title! Figured it'd be nice if I posted sketches of things here before I coloured them. First time drawing Namora, but she's pretty cool and it's an excuse for me to draw fish and render more water. Whoohoo!

22 Apr 2010

Happy Earth Day! Have a dolphin.

I started this back in February - not that it took that long, it's because I got so frustrated with my ancient little tablet that I had given up - but I guess it's fitting that I finished it in time for Earth Day. I woke up this morning to Animal Planet showing one of my favourite BBC nature series of all time, The Blue Planet, and tonight Kevin and I are off to see Oceans. Disneynature are distributing it in the US, and if you see it during its first week of release, they'll donate a portion of each ticket price to help establish new marine protected areas in the Bahamas. It's all good stuff. Get to it!

Pacific white-sided dolphins are one of my favourite species. I've never seen them in person though, so I used a photo by the lovely Remedy as reference. Thank you!

20 Apr 2010

Avengers ladies assemble!

After struggling with an art block lasting almost five months, I finally managed to stop scribbling over everything I hated in my sketchbook and start getting on with it. A new scanner and a very motivating partner helped. I've always been terrible at drawing women so I began churning out a bunch of kickass heroines (debatable in the case of Wanda) as practice. Yeah, I don't know either. Anyway:

Ms. Marvel!

The Wasp!


The Scarlet Witch!

I am totally working on something else though:

I'm terrible.

After all but abandoning my first blogspot and briefly fluttering about on wordpress, I've landed back on blogspot because, as much as the interface can get on my nerves, at least I can customize the look without paying!

Anyway, here's a silly test post to 1) explain myself, and 2) to make sure I haven't completely bastardized the layout.