22 Apr 2010

Happy Earth Day! Have a dolphin.

I started this back in February - not that it took that long, it's because I got so frustrated with my ancient little tablet that I had given up - but I guess it's fitting that I finished it in time for Earth Day. I woke up this morning to Animal Planet showing one of my favourite BBC nature series of all time, The Blue Planet, and tonight Kevin and I are off to see Oceans. Disneynature are distributing it in the US, and if you see it during its first week of release, they'll donate a portion of each ticket price to help establish new marine protected areas in the Bahamas. It's all good stuff. Get to it!

Pacific white-sided dolphins are one of my favourite species. I've never seen them in person though, so I used a photo by the lovely Remedy as reference. Thank you!

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  1. Danke schoen for the white-side,Jen-GREAT pic!