21 Jun 2010

This is a Witty and Creative Title

I drew Bucky as the Winter Soldier about three years ago, and a friend saw it recently and gave hugely positive feedback even though I thought it was a pile of bollocks. But it did make me want to redraw him to see how my style had developed in that time, which is quite a lot.

I swear I'll do something with legs and feet soon!

17 Jun 2010



Look, I have no excuses. My line of thought was "Hey, I need to draw some manly men because all I've drawn lately are women, and Nick Fury is manly as hell!" but then a scene from early West Coast Avengers popped into my head and wouldn't go away. Oopth.

15 Jun 2010

Not quite the devil

A "doodle" that went too far. Click for big!

Maybe it's because I've been watching Kevin play Red Dead Revolver too much, or maybe it's because Jaime Slade/the Phantom Rider has a freaking bitchin' character design. I mean really. Are you reading Hawkeye & Mockingbird? No? What is wrong with you? Get on it! It's your homework. There'll be a test next week.

11 Jun 2010

the post-HeroesCon blah

The lead-up to HeroesCon in Charlotte, NC last weekend completely zapped any motivation I had to draw because I was going nuts getting my new Mockingbird costume finished, which can be seen here. Hooray! The convention itself exceeded all my positive expectations to become my favourite con experience ever, so I'd recommend it to everybody. While there I met and hung out with some of my favourite comics people and felt wildly inspired to draw regularly. When Chris Samnee tells you to draw, you freaking draw! I picked up Christos Gage and Mike McKone's Avengers Academy this week, which is a GREAT read and has a very sinister twist that has sucked me right in. I like Maddy/Veil's "powers" - she basically vaporizes herself - and she seemed fun to draw so I started doodling.