15 Aug 2010

Megaptera novaeangliae

I started this about a month ago and kept going back and forth over whether or not to finish it. I'm glad I did - it's my first attempt at a baleen whale - but it's a bit rougher than I would've liked. Definitely plan on doing more in the future.

(Clearer version here)


  1. Jen,I think you've knocked one out of the park with your baleen whale art debut(I especially like your use of light filtering down from the surface as the humpback rises from the depths...)

  2. Really nice! Great form on the whale, also really like your dark color values. Ga. aquarium could do with some of your art. This is Chris, Riki husband.

  3. Hey, Chris!! Great to see you here - thank you very much for the comment (and huge compliment). I'm hoping to finally set up a print shop online for my marine life art (and some originals too, since I just got a new set of acrylics). I'd love to be partnering with an aquarium... maybe in the future. ;)