11 Dec 2010

Updates and apologies

Sorry for the severe lack of updates to my Marvel Alphabet! I've succumbed to a complete loss of motivation for it. I got so wrapped up in an acrylic painting that I'm still working on that I've moreorless abandoned it (at least for a while). I may get back to it, but at the moment my priorities are on commissions and my website.

Did I say website? Oh my!


I have plans to add more to it, like a blog specific to the site to document my process, but for now it acts as a portfolio for all those whales and dolphins I like to draw. I am however trying to branch out into other marine life (it's not like I lack the reference photos) - whenever I set out to draw something that isn't a cetacean it stills ends up being an orca most of the time, so here's a quick outline I just penciled that I'm about to start attacking with my tablet:

1 comment:

  1. The sketch is SOLID,&I look forward to the finished piece(by the way-CONGRATS on the website!)