3 Oct 2010

I give it a week

I haven't really had the motivation to draw any characters for a while, I've been on such a cetacean kick. Last night I suddenly had the urge to do a thing and fell back on my two favourites: I've actually gone off every picture I've ever drawn of them so I tried to make up for it... I give it a week before I hate it all over again.

Back to the whales with me!


  1. Don't be hatin' on this,Jen-this sketch kicks kiester all over the place!

  2. I have always wondered: are Daredevil's billy clubs the same baton weapon that Mockingbird carries? I know DD's have some kind of cable and grappling hook system, and Mockingbirds combine to form a staff, but those are details. They are basically the same weapon, right? Or not?

  3. I'd say they're very similar in function, but not the same. Maybe they get them from the same supplier? ;)