5 Oct 2010

Well I never!

This started out as a light pencil sketch that I was doing as a way for me to loosen up with the pencil some, since I get so bogged down with solid lines. Unfortunately, my scanner and I are currently fighting, so the scanned image turned out so terribly I inked it digitally... which I never do. Honestly, the biggest challenge with this for me was "simplifying" the dolphins, which is why they kind of suck. All I want to do is give them as much detail as possible and make them as photo-realistic as I can, so I literally had to take the tablet pen away from myself after a short while so I wasn't too tempted. I need to find a midway point. Anyway!

1 comment:

  1. Jen,in no way,shape or form could any artistic depiction of dolphins done by your hand ever suck-believe this!Also,Namora looks pretty SWEEET in this as well.