13 Oct 2010


Please click for the bigger version!

I really wish this wasn't another tribute piece. Kalina, the first orca born and raised in captivity, died very suddenly this month at the age of 25. I've seen her many times over the last few years and she was always fascinating to watch, especially when she was with the younger whales - it's a shame that she wasn't around when her mother Katina gave birth last week. She was very much a "people whale" like Keiko was.

I referenced a photo I took back in 2008; she had this rather endearing habit of turning her head as she bowed like she was looking around at everyone. I've always found her interesting physically because she had a much "rounder" body type than the other orcas. I always loved her freckles!


  1. What can I say-just a beautiful picture,Jen.

  2. Really pretty. I didn't know orcas could have freckles. Although maybe I kind of did, because I think the one in Free Willy did...